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Meet new people in your field, organization or community - and find out what we can do when we work together.

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We are reusing Government Project Youtube Channel videos for editing.

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Who We Are

We are a diverse group hailing from multiple geographical area. We aim about web literacy and especially encourage women in web through Localization.


Drashti Pandya

  •  Ideator

Baratang Miya

  •  Mentor

Chandan Baba

  •  Web & Graphic Designing

Sushant Parab

  •  Creative Designing

Updates on Web literacy & Localisation

Get involved in the Mozilla L10n communities, one of the largest community L10n projects on the face of the Earth.

Connect the half world to the Internet.Learn read, write and participate on web. Join Web Literacy

  • Mozilla Thimble Gets a Makeover
    Thimble has taught hundreds of thousands of people across more than 200 countries. It’s been localized into 33 languages, and used in classrooms, at hackathons and at home.
  • Google Empowering a new generation of localization professionals
    It's Mission is to create a diverse user experience that fits every language and every culture.
  • Why china trying to learn Africa's Language?
    Major economic development initiative, called the the “Belt and Road Initiative,” a global trade network to connect Asia with Europe and Africa along five trade routes.
  • Internet Health Report on Web Literacy
    Web literacy skills, including but not limited to coding, will become more important to the jobs of tomorrow. As such, we are likely to see socio-economic divides grow between those with Web literacy skills and those without. And as usual, women, rural and marginalized populations, currently stand last in line to benefit in any way..